Suzuki Grand Vitara




The Suzuki Grand Vitara (Escudo) is a compact sport utility and off-road vehicle produced by Suzuki since 1988. It was also known as Sidekick in the United States from 1988 to 1998, Vitara in the United States, Western Europe, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan since 1999, and Grand Vitara in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, parts of South Asia, the Caribbean, South Africa, Iran, Canada, and Australia.


From the dusky, unpaved road of a far-flung barrio to the busy avenue of a cosmopolitan city, the Grand Vitara can traverse any road imaginable with comfort and class. Its powerful engine and superb suspension system are more than enough for a true SUV riding experience.


The halogen headlights illuminate a longer and wider area, improving driver’s visibility. The fog lights provide a wide beam aimed low to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface in conditions of poor visibility, reducing the glare back from fog, rain, or dust.


Grand Vitara comes with a spare wheel, mounted on the rear of the vehicle, providing better luggage space and easy access in any situation.


The lavish interior space of the Grand Vitara is specially designed with every attention to detail for an unprecedented taste in style, comfort, and vehicle technology.


Lock and unlock your Grand Vitara via the remote sensor in your key. Pressing once opens the driver’s door. Pressing again opens all the doors. Practical door mounted controls gives ease of reach, operation, added comfort, and convenience.


Information display is fully integrated, making it easy to read and adding enjoyment while driving the Grand Vitara. Enjoy the ride with the AM, FM, CD, MP3, AUX, WMA and Tuner.


Under the hood, the Grand Vitara was engineered with the Inline-4 J24B gas engine with 168 hp at 6000 rpm maximum power and a maximum torque of 227 Nm at 3800 rpm. Never worry about maneuvering on off-road situations. The Rack and Pinion with Power Assist steering can handle that.


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution will take care of your safe braking. In case of impact, the two airbags will cushion the head of the driver and passenger to lessen serious injuries.


Feel free and comfortable while moving  on the on and off-road tracks with the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Safety, power and convenience is the Suzuki’s Way of Life. Drive one now, visit our car dealership today.


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