Preventive Maintenance Service



Your car’s specified maintenance can be found in your Owner’s Manual under the ‘Periodic Maintenance Section’. This will guide you how to take good care of your car and how many times you need to send your car to the service centers for check-up and maintenance service.
Here are some few tips for your car’s proper grooming service:

1. Fuel Filter. Change your fuel filter at intervals specified by Suzuki. If the quality of fuel is poor, you must change the filter at earlier intervals as prescribed by the service manager of the Suzuki service station.
2. Air-condition System. If the cooling performance in your AC is not good enough, do check for any gas leakage. There are various methods to check if the quantity of gas is not adequate. But it is always best to ask assistance from the AC maintenance experts to ensure a reliable work result. It is recommended that you get your car’s AC serviced every year.
3. Sources of Gas Leakage. If not properly tightened during the service, Ac gas in cars reduces over time due to factors like- leakage from the joints and o-rings. Because nothing stays forever, hose rubber may have leakage due to natural permeability and age. You may also refill the AC gas during servicing of the AC if necessary.
4. Air Filter Replacement. Replace your air filter based on the road condition traveled and variant of fuel used. For Petrol: if you are running on a paved road, clean after every 5,000km and replace after every 40,000km. For Diesel: replace after every 20,000km as cleaning is not required.
5. Always drive slowly and steady. This will protect you and your car as well, because the faster you go the more wind resistance your car will face.

Always refer to your Owner’s Manual to maintain your car’s brand new look and best performance. For a second hand car, you will have to do the maintenance check more frequently.



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