General Repair Job


Suzuki cars sold to market always come with service support and maintenance as covered in the warranty. Suzuki gives the opportunity to repeat business by giving services to the car owners by providing service clinics. A meticulous inspection on cars is done by its trained engineers to show to its customers that Suzuki is not just about selling cars but also about giving quality service.
As set out in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty (for 2009 and newer model years), Suzuki covers all components of the vehicles supplied by Suzuki for 36 months and extends to 60 months from the date first sold. All replacement and repairs will be made free of charge for parts and labor. Any perforation on the sheet-metal panels due to corrosion will be answered by Suzuki within 60 months with no limit on mileage. The tires are not included since they are covered by a separate warranty from the manufacturer. There are certain restrictions that each car owner should follow to avail the warranty provided by Suzuki. Check your warranty information booklet to know what is covered by the warranty and what is not.
Suzuki also gives accessories warranty on Genuine Suzuki accessories and is covered for 12 months or unlimited mileage from the date of purchase or until the end of the three-year new vehicle basic warranty.


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